A collection of my published illustrations.

C.A.R.E Curriculum

C.A.R.E is a year-long curriculum created for Kindergarten & first grade students. The heart of the curriculum focuses on the importance of self-care and to explore the ways others care for each of us through community, friends, and family. The goal is to have students participate in activities that develop skills in the areas of social studies, health and language arts, while developing positive personal character traits.

Publish Date TBA | LHeartStrings Publishing (L3C)

(500+ digital illustrations)

Peedie Likes

the Drip Drops

This story is about a boy gator who loves water dropping or dripping from anywhere. He is so confused with the difference of water, he calls every type of water “drip drop.” This short story takes you on a quick journey with Peedie, as he learns the difference of the “drip drops.”

2018 | Lulu Publishing

(digital illustration)

Soprano Speaks

A collection of poems about life, love, and happiness. Speak softly, until the time comes to scream! In K. McCoy’s first published book, she aims to do just that and more. With poems about facing down foes, when feeling down and out, and what to do when life throws you curveballs – she shares her private thoughts on how to do more than just ‘deal with it’.

2016 | Kenyc McCoy

(digital illustration)